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Nighttime eating is usually a one-way ticket to weight gain, fatigue, bloating and poor sleeping patterns. Follow my 10 Tips to break the habit and crush your cravings! When I first consult with a client for fat loss, I ask them to log a few “typical days” of eating with timing so I can get a sense of their dietary intake and lifestyle to see where they may be making mistakes. One of the biggest fails I see is most people make is that they start their day off pretty well and then all hell breaks loose by the end of the night!  Whether it's eating too much before dinner (what I call the ‘dinner before dinner), or eating sweets and

Whip these up in under 5 minutes! Click HERE to watch the video Super simple, delicious and nutritious - you're going to love these! Here's what you need and how you whip them up! 2½ cups loosely packed pitted dates1 scoop of BPI Best Protein Chocolate 1 1/2 cups walnuts6 tbsp cacao or cocoa powder1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract2 tsp water1/4 + 1/8 tsp salt1/4 cup cacao or cocoa powder Icing: 2 cups low fat plain greek yogurt2 scoops Vanilla BPI Sports Keto Bomb (may also add 1 tsp vanilla extract)1 tbsp raw cocoa2 tbsp coconut flour (may need a bit more depending on consistency) stevia-sweetened chocolate chips1 cup smashed walnuts Instructions Instructions: Step 1: Ground your walnuts in food processor or blender. Step 2:

YES after over a decade of putting my family goals on hold for my fitness goals this huge dream of mine has become a reality - I AM HAVING A BABY!!! My partner Marcelo and I are so very excited; it truly is the greatest miracle and an absolute blessing. I’ll be sharing monthly updates with you as I go; the good, bad and the crazy (always keeping it real with you!) in hopes of inspiring and empowering all of you through my experience of making a little HUMAN BEING with my body. Our bodies are just completely FASCINATING and I’ve become so very excited with my new body goal; the most important quest my body will ever have, making

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies. It’s found in muscles, bones, skin, blood vessels, digestive system and tendons. For this reason, collagen’s benefits are practically unparalleled and it’s the key to younger looking skin, more luscious locks, and comfortable joints. Collagen also helps fuel bones, tendons, and connective tissue— while providing 18 essential aminos needed to support healthy muscle cells. it can help your body with all of the following: Improves skin elasticity, prevents hair loss, and builds stronger nails, bones, and teeth. It may even help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite.Support healthy joints and improves our mobility by helping to regenerate ligaments and tendons. Plus, it even helps reduce pain for those suffering with

Did you know that you may be gaining weight from a hormone imbalance🙋🏼‍?  Thyroid issues can be one of the most significant and silent culprits of weight gain or not being able to achieve your fitness goals  Other common symptoms of thyroid issues may include: ⁣ ⁣ 1. Fatigue ⁣ 2. Mood changes ⁣ 3. Temperature sensitivities ⁣ 4. Changes in appetite⁣ 5. Dry skin⁣ 6. Muscle weakness⁣ 7. Loss of muscle mass⁣ 8. Appetite changes ⁣ ⁣ Get empowered - take your health into your own hands and CHECK YOUR THYROID HORMONES today with LetsGetChecked at home blood kits. No doctors, no waiting and no referrals. Get the tests YOU want delivered right to your door. *available globally Enjoy 15% off all LETSGETCHECKED (hyperlink with website below) blood kits with code RYALL15 My Top

Did you know you actually don’t build muscle in the gym? Your muscles repair and grow while you sleep, which is why you need your recommended 8 hours/night. Sleep also improves your mental health and hormone balance too. Since I’ve conquered my sleep (most nights!) I’ve been able to conquer my days. Here are my Top 4 Tips to Kick your Lack-of-Sleep Regime  1. I never go to bed hungry. Have a high protein snack before bed. 2. Sleep before midnight always as sleep quality is better. Don’t procrastinate at night. Just go to bed and relax! 3. I use a lavender organic face and body moisturizer to relax and calm my mind. 4. I take my Sleep Supplement Stack every night by Zhou Nutrition. Drift

I’ve found that as I get older I'm not able to train for the duration of time I once was able to. To keep my intensity high and see results some days I spilt up my workouts and do two shorter sessions/day. It allows me the opportunity to burn calories twice/day and I find it helps me increase my metabolism. Want to know if this is right for you?  My Tips on How to Do Doubles the Right Way 1️⃣ Find Balance. Avoid overtraining by balancing workouts between higher and lower intensity. Ramp up intensity, duration & frequency carefully since small steps will help prevent injury and allow your body to recover. 2️⃣ Space it out. I will do one workout in the morning and