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With summer around the corner this is your go-to drink ladies! If you love a traditional Moscow mule then say hello to this cocktail with probiotic benefits. This gingery kombucha mule is a gut-healthy version of the refreshing Moscow Mule (alcoholic and non-alcoholic version). Ginger Kombucha is the perfect probiotic-rich swap for ginger beer. Not only does kombucha offer both pre and probiotics that are beneficial for your gut health, thanks to the fermentation process, but it is also lower in sugar than most mixers, including ginger beer. And since kombucha is a naturally fermented product, all the present probiotic bacteria are alive and easy to digest. That's a triple win for a healthier cocktail! I used my favorite brand of kombucha here in Tulum,

Nothing can be more overwhelming than deciding firstly, if you need to supplement your diet and then, choosing what brand of supplements to purchase. There's so much noise in this space with literally hundreds of brands to chose from. As you can imagine, like all things, all supplements are NOT created equal. AND QUALITY MATTERS. Most countries have poor or non-existent regulation when it comes to supplements and it's super important, as health conscious consumers, that we educate ourselves on what to look for when purchasing a dietary supplement. I'm sharing my expert advice on safer shopping selections and also some of my favorite, top quality supplement brands to help you shop like a Pro! Firstly, it's important we define what a

My superfood protein cookies are one of my favorite weekend breakfasts! Yup - you heard that right. Cookies for breakfast!  I’m not one of those morning people who have to workout on an empty stomach. I train fasted a couple days/week to stimulate my body with a change from 'food first' but I prefer to eat breakfast or, on busy mornings, enjoy a 'grab n go snack' before my sweat. My semi-sweet & savory superfood breakfast cookies are the answerAnd they make awesome go-to snacks anywhere, any-time! Loaded with complex carbs, protein, healthy fats, superfoods and antioxidants it’s a cookie you can feel good about!  INGREDIENTS: 1 cup GF rolled oats 1 scoop Organic Whey Powder *I use Centenarius Nutrition Certified Organic Grass-fed Whey

I was looking to improve my sleep quality and was recently introduced to a supplement called hlycine. And not just ANY glycine, but glycine by Cententarius Nutrition, which is premium, pharmaceutical grade in quality with source materials derived exclusively from Japan. Now first you're likely wondering, what is glycine? Glycine is a naturally produced amino acid (what make proteins) in our body that is used for creating protein used for the growth and maintenance of tissues, and for making hormones, enzymes, and other important substances. It also helps in the clearance of toxins from your body as well as in nerve signal transmission. It's found in protein-rich food items such as cereals, beans. poultry, meat, eggs, pasta, and dairy. Now even though it's naturally

In recent years, the concept of grass-fed whey protein has gained a significant amount of popularity in the health world. As people are getting more and more conscious about their health, they’re trying to make healthier choices to remain fit and strong. For years, we’ve witnessed whey protein being advertised as a holy grail for muscle growth but now we know its much more than that. Whey Protein is for everyone and a simple and delicious ‘whey’ (pun intended!) to boost your daily protein intake.  But ALL WHEY PROTEIN is not created equal. 99% of the whey protein you’ll find on the market isn’t from grass-fed cows and isn’t organic.      Before I dive in further let’s understand what exactly grass-fed whey protein

Looking good and feeling good are two very different things. I know this first hand as my early days as an athlete I was super 'fit' but my health had suffered dramatically. Good nutrition and wellness habits keep us healthy on the inside. Our appearance is also impacted by our health and wellness lifestyles. When we’re looking to change our appearance – whether it be to gain muscle or reduce body fat for example – it's natural to want solutions that promise a “quick fix”. The problem is that these quick-fix solutions are likely not sustainable or healthy in the long term. Luckily, there is a way to optimize both health and appearance at the same time. This article will explain how focusing too much

I promise you these brownies really are super simple to make - and they're delicious plus packed with nutritional goodness. With an underlining hint of a mushroom blend featuring Chaga, Cordyceps and Lions Mane these mood elevating brownies are chewy, moist and packed with a rich chocolate flavor. Mushrooms and chocolate are the perfect duo + they're the perfect mood boosting and energy boosting treat. Did you know the specialty mushrooms offer some exciting, research supported, health benefits: *Energy boost *Improves the nervous system *Reduces symptoms of stress and anxiety *Protects and balances the intestinal microbiota *Protects brain neurons, in addition to enhancing memory and concentration *Antioxidant So you really can feel good about treating! You can get high quality mushrooms  online at Amazon here Ok here we go: Serves 6 mini brownies MAIN