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My Self Care Stratgies for Busy Moms

Most of us have heard about self-care. We know it’s important. We may even know a few practices which fall into the category of self-care. However, one of the reoccurring comments I hear from my clients is that they don’t have enough time for such. Women, mothers in particular, tend to prioritize their time in a comparable order to the following: Family, career, other responsibilities, and maybe (but rarely) self-care. We consistently place self-care as our lowest priority.

Those of you who follow my Facebook and Instagram (www.instagram.com/ryallfitness) stories may be aware that I designate one day each week for self-care; usually Sundays. When I am unable to be consistent with this schedule, my tolerance levels head south. I find that when self-care falls out of my priority list, I start feeling ‘burnout’. My concentration levels decline, I have reduced performance within my business, lower energy to play with my daughter Zuri, and I am less motivated overall.

Maybe you have noticed some of these symptoms in yourself when you neglect your self-care? It can be challenging to change habits that we have been trapped in for an extended period, but it is absolutely possible! If this sounds like you, I encourage you to make any behavior changes as simple and achievable as possible. Take small steps, which you deem to be realistic. Don’t aim to do it perfectly every time; the point is simply to try. The ultimate goal is to make it a habit, so it eventually becomes a daily ritual. 

I believe one of the most remarkable gifts I can give to my baby girl is the example and lessons of self-care. This is something that took me many years to comprehend. It is a powerful feeling to know Zuri is watching and learning these lessons even now. She can sense when I am tranquil and content. I’m here for the fearless pursuit of chasing happiness, while raising a strong, independent, tenacious daughter. And, in order to achieve that, I need self-care. I’m here to set the precedent.

Until next time, Ryall


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