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Benefits of Grass-fed Organic Whey Protein: Why it’s Worth the Hype

In recent years, the concept of grass-fed whey protein has gained a significant amount of popularity in the health world. As people are getting more and more conscious about their health, they’re trying to make healthier choices to remain fit and strong. For years, we’ve witnessed whey protein being advertised as a holy grail for muscle growth but now we know its much more than that. Whey Protein is for everyone and a simple and delicious ‘whey’ (pun intended!) to boost your daily protein intake. 

But ALL WHEY PROTEIN is not created equal. 99% of the whey protein you’ll find on the market isn’t from grass-fed cows and isn’t organic. 



Before I dive in further let’s understand what exactly grass-fed whey protein is:

Whey protein, along with casein protein is derived from cow milk, it is one of the protein supplements that helps in muscle building. Compared to casein, whey absorbs much faster in your body and promotes the protein synthesis process for muscles. 

The whey protein that comes from cows that are grass-fed and raised in a natural environment, is known as ‘Grass-fed whey protein’. Naturally, the milk from these cows is more nutrient-rich and offers improved health benefits. Similarly, the protein derived from grass-fed milk naturally has a higher biological value, which means is absorbs better into your body. Not only this, but there are dozens of other benefits that grass-fed whey protein provides. Once you learn about the difference in quality, taste and all the benefits that this protein has to offer you’re going to be hooked like me! 


Here are the greatest health benefits that grass-fed whey protein provides:

1. Anti-Cancer Effect

You might think that we are going on a limb here to say that grass-fed whey protein has an anti-cancer effect, but it’s actually true. The protein is rich in beta-lactoglobulin and lysozyme, which are both recognized for their anti-cancer properties.

2. Grass-Fed Whey Protein is GMO and Free of Antibiotics 

As an organic protein, Grass-fed protein does not contain any genetically modified organisms, antibiotics, or pesticides. This protein can not be labeled as organic if it doesn’t comply with the chemical ban. 

3. Helps You Lose Weight Faster

Whey protein is majorly used for muscle gain, but at the same time, it also reduces appetite and boosts metabolism. You can promote your slimming effectively by using grass-fed whey protein in your diet.

4. Grass-fed Whey Protein Contains More Healthy Fats

According to a study, the concentrates of grass-fed whey protein contains 20 to 60% more omega-3 fatty acids, and 10-25% lower levels of omega-6 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for your body as it helps you keep your body weight in check, maintain your heart health, and is also important for brain health. On the other hand, the omega-6 fatty acid is also essential for our health but only in the right amount. Study shows that an abundance of omega-6 fatty acids in your diet can increase the risk of heart diseases. 

5. Grass-Fed protein boosts your immunity

Grass-fed milk is enriched in various nutritional elements like beta-lactoglobulin, lysozyme, lactoferrin, etc. these elements are known for boosting the immune power of your body while keeping your blood pressure healthy. Apart from this, these compounds have anti-inflammatory and cholesterol-lowering properties. 

6. It Can Help You Speed Up Your Recovery

As a rich source of antioxidants such as vitamin A and E, beta-lactoglobulin, Grass-fed milk helps you reduce muscle soreness after exercise better than regular protein due to its increased absorption rates. As per the recent research, the consumption is associated with healing post-workout soreness. Different studies have also confirmed that long-term consumption of whey protein is very helpful in handling oxidative stress.

7. It Simply Tastes Better 

I know once you try it you’ll complete agree with me – grass-fed whey protein tastes creamier, cleaner and more natural. Once you make the switch and taste the difference you’ll never go back. 

I’m so excited to share with you the organic, grass-fed whey I’m using HERE 




Centenarius offers exceptionally clean flavor alongside an incredibly fast metabolizing boost of power with 27g of pure protein. This lactose-free, unsweetened whey protein isolate is without any additives or fillers – providing zero bloating or aftertaste, all with superior results and outstanding flavor that mixes with anything.

Centenarius is the only whey protein isolate available today that is:

  • Truly Certified Grass-Fed (sourced purely, ethically and sustainably from small farms within the virgin fields of Ireland)
  • From pasture raised animals
  • Heavy Metals Tested
  • Native Undenatured
  • Easily digestible
  • Hormone free
  • Additive free (goodbye bloating!)
  • Lactose-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Soy free

This isn’t just a single ingredient protein…

…this is the best ingredient protein. It’s not only the quality of what you put in, it’s what you leave out!

You can save 10% with my code RYALL10 and they ship worldwide. GET IT HERE! 



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