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Strategies to Travel Fit – How to Stay on Track with your Health Goals on the Road

Traveling is one of the most exciting parts of life.

I’ve been blessed to have 65 countries ticked off with 3 passports full of stamps and life-changing memories.

As you can imagine I’ve learned a LOT about how to maintain health goals while on the road. Having a game plan and making a conscious effort to make healthy choices is how to win🏆 The plan is the blueprint that keeps you on track, even when you’re not at home.

Being that I travel for work, take a lot of weekend getaways in Mexico, and travel to Canada often to see family, I always make my health goals a priority while I’m away. I coach my clients to do the same.

And YOU can do this too!

Here are a few of my best strategies for staying on track with your goals on the road:  

🏆 Food for the Trip

Pack some easy meals or portable nutrition options for the plane and for when you arrive. You don’t want to rely on airport food, gas station stops, or arrive at your destination HANGRY. I travel with coconut stevia drops to add sweetness to my water, protein pancakes (loads of recipes for these in my book HOW TO EAT), nuts, fruit, raw veggies, single-serve hummus and guacamole cups, and Vital Protein Bars. For longer trips, you can use a 6-Pack Fitness Cooler bag (they have TSA-approved ice packs) or just pack some meals in your carry-on. If it’s a road trip load up your cooler. I also bring rice cakes for portable carb options, my protein powder, blend jet mini blender, and a few select supplements (never leave home without my premium Zinzino Fish Oil. Learn more and get your test-based kit and oil HERE).

🏆 Book an Airbnb or what I call a ‘Fit Hotel’

An Airbnb with a kitchen is great for long stays so you can cook your own food and not worry about the extra calories in restaurant food. If you’re having a quick getaway choose a room that at least has a fridge so you can stock up with water and healthy foods when you arrive. You can also request a fridge in advance (you may need to use the ‘my medicine needs refrigerated trick’) – having a fridge in your room is a total power move and one that will ensure you win! There are loads of meal prep companies globally now that you can also use to deliver some meals. I use this when we go to Las Vegas as the food lines are soooo long, most of the food isn’t healthy and food is also expensive on the strip, so this saves time and money!

🏆 Dial in your Fitness Plan

Where and how will you exercise? Is there a gym in your hotel, nearby or will you just do band and bodyweight workouts in your room or outdoors? Or will you be city touring on foot? As long as you have a plan to move you’re winning.

I just got back from a family trip to Guadalajara and we stayed in the ‘Fitness Room’ at the Hilton Double Tree. It was incredible and perfect for health enthusiasts like us!

Check it out:

🏆 Schedule your Days

Keep a schedule with your workout times so you get your workouts done and feel good about accomplishing this while you’re away. If you’re going to be out all day schedule your meals as you may need to pack some portable options so you avoid getting hungry.

🏆Keep a Focus with Flexibility

Your nutrition isn’t going to be the same as when you’re home so don’t stress out about it. Focus on making healthy choices and eating balanced meals while being flexible vs rigid. Having a basic understanding of nutrition principles is helpful and this is what I teach my clients individualized strategies so that can enjoy traveling with ease vs stressing about their meals. For example, eat extra protein in the morning to keep you fuller, if you’re going out for dinner and want to have a bit of dessert with a higher calorie meal then eat lighter meals throughout the day. I always love to enjoy a couple of treats while I’m away (something I can’t find at home) and this is part of life as well! I follow an 80/20 approach to my nutrition, which creates a beautiful balance for me. And for fitness, it should be a part of your life, but not your entire life. It should add joy to your life and be something you want to do! Moving in the morning is my medicine; my non-negotiable time for myself to move and meditate! Move in a way that makes you happy.


When we live a healthy lifestyle these choices are truly effortless! I hope these tips help you stay on track with your goals on your travels! If you’re struggling, Jon me at one of my International Wellness Retreats or reach out to me for 1:1 Coaching. I offer concierge wellness coaching that ensures you succeed. For more information and to apply: www.ryallgraber.com

To your success and health,



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