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Smart Supplements: 7 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Glycine

I was looking to improve my sleep quality and was recently introduced to a supplement called hlycine. And not just ANY glycine, but glycine by Cententarius Nutrition, which is premium, pharmaceutical grade in quality with source materials derived exclusively from Japan.

Now first you’re likely wondering, what is glycine?

Glycine is a naturally produced amino acid (what make proteins) in our body that is used for creating protein used for the growth and maintenance of tissues, and for making hormones, enzymes, and other important substances. It also helps in the clearance of toxins from your body as well as in nerve signal transmission. It’s found in protein-rich food items such as cereals, beans. poultry, meat, eggs, pasta, and dairy. Now even though it’s naturally produced in our body, it’s very difficult to obtain the optimal dose via our food which is where glycine can provide you with some incredible health benefits (improved sleep being one of many) if taken in supplement form. 

I immediately noticed deeper sleep and improved sleep quality when I supplemented with 3g before bed. However what I was super excited to learn was all the additional evidence-based health benefits that glycine can offer. I’m all about supplementing smarter and this, my friends, is a supplement I’ll continue to take for life and one I now recommend to my clients. Read on the learn what the research is saying about this super supplement and decide for yourself if you want to add it to your supplement regime.  *see hyperlinks for references. 

Let’s go!

1. Glycine is the main amino acid in collagen

Collagen which is found abundantly in our body is known for offering strength to our bones, cartilage, ligaments, muscles, skin, and blood. It is a form of structural protein that is made majorly of glycine. Enhancing the amount of collagen in your body can help you prevent bone loss, relieve joint pain, and benefit skin health. By getting enough amount of glycine, you can promote the production of collagen in your body. 

2. Glycine offers improved digestion and promotes gut-health

Glycine plays a critical role in various cognitive and metabolic processes in our body. It is known for improving the process of digestion by reducing inflammation in your digestive tract and creating new tissues. When we consume inflammatory foods, our digestive tract will experience inflammation. Ultimately, it results in digestive and gastrointestinal issues that restrict the absorption of nutrients in your body.

However, glycine can effectively deal with this issue as its unique properties allow it to form new connective tissue in the gut lining. This is the very reason why glycine is used to manage various issues concerned with inflammation of the intestine such as ulcerative colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, and Crohn’s disease 

Not only this but glycine also helps in the transportation of nutrients like fat and glycogen in the bloodstream after breaking them down.  

3. Used for Making  a Powerful Antioxidant in Our Body

Glutathione is a strong antioxidant in our body, that provides necessary protection to your cell against oxidative damage resulting from free radicals. Glycine is an important component in glutathione, and the insufficient amount of glycine can affect the production of glutathione in our body, and this ultimately results in increased oxidative stress over time. 

With age, the level of glutathione naturally declines in our body, so taking glycine in form of supplements can promote the process of its production.

4. May Improve Sleep Quality

Who doesn’t love waking up from a quality sleep well-rested,  but the reality is not all of us are fortunate enough to have that blessing. If you also struggle with the same, then glycine is here to your rescue. Studies have suggested that amino acid like glycine has a calming effect on our body and can help you fall asleep easily. 

Research has proved that people who have trouble falling asleep can benefit by taking 3 grams of glycine before going to bed. It can help them enhance the quality of their sleep, with improved cognition and less daytime sleepiness. 

5. May Aid People with Type 2 Diabetes and Help Reverse Insulin Resistance

The low levels of glycine result from Type 2 Diabetes. This condition is characterized by the impaired secretion of insulin or because your body is unable to respond to the insulin produced by your body. However, glycine is proved to have a positive effect on the insulin response in the body, and in that way, it aids people struggling with the condition. 

6. A Component of Creatine

Glycine is an important component of creatine. Creatine offers much-needed energy to your muscles to perform with better efficiency. With resistance training, you can enhance the strength power, and size of your muscle. Not only this, but glycine also proves to be beneficial for brain function neurological conditions, and bone health

7. May Protect Your Liver From Alcohol-Induced Damage

Basically, there are three main types of liver damage induced by alcohol:

Alcohol cirrhosis: In this condition, the cells damaged by alcohol liver disease are replaced by scar tissue.

Alcoholic hepatitis: This condition is caused by long-term excessive drinking, which results in inflammation.

Fatty liver: The enlargement of the liver resulting from a build-up of fat inside it.

Different studies suggest that you can reduce the harmful effects of alcohol on your liver with the help of glycine. It may also be helpful in reversing the damage caused by excessive drinking and also accelerate the recovery process.


Here’s how I incorporate Glycine into my nighttime routine for a deep, quality sleep


RyFit Tip: I also love to add it to my drinks as it’s naturally sweet and adds health-boosting benefits + natural sweetness to water or teas!



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Good night!

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