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Did you know you actually don’t build muscle in the gym? Your muscles repair and grow while you sleep, which is why you need your recommended 8 hours/night. Sleep also improves your mental health and hormone balance too. Since I’ve conquered my sleep (most nights!) I’ve been able to conquer my days.

Here are my Top 4 Tips to Kick your Lack-of-Sleep Regime 

1. I never go to bed hungry. Have a high protein snack before bed.

2. Sleep before midnight always as sleep quality is better. Don’t procrastinate at night. Just go to bed and relax!

3. I use a lavender organic face and body moisturizer to relax and calm my mind.

4. I take my Sleep Supplement Stack every night by Zhou Nutrition.

Drift Off helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. The formula is non-habit forming and contains the perfect amount of each of the ingredients.

Calm Now helps you reduce Stress & Adrenal Support.

Magnesium Glycinate is a superior absorption formula for muscle relaxation and helps soften stools for happy, relaxed bowels! 

I love and trust Zhou Nutrition’s formulas as they combine ancient wisdom of herbal remedies with today’s most advanced research to create the highest quality bioavailability products and perfect potency formulas. If you’re on repeat mode from feeling exhausted, having crappy workouts and drinking too much coffee TOP the cycle. Reset your body, make your sleep a priority and I promise you’ll wake up feeling fresh, focussed and ready to crush your day. Great days depend on great nights.

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