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Imagine if you walked into school on the first day of kindergarten and your teacher handed you an exam for biochemistry. What would happen? You’d fail, obviously.

The same thing happens with diet and exercise. You get trapped. A trap this is designed for most people to start and stop with limited success, regardless of the plan. Instead of receiving a foundation built to help you accept your lifestyle changes, you focus on “best exercises” and “superfoods.” All of that is great but that’s not enough for most. In working with clients on goals from fat loss to gaining muscle one of the most common weaknesses has become a loss of motivation. 

Does this sound familiar to you? 

1. You start a plan, feel totally amped and dive in with 100% compliance.

2. Eventually (usually around the one month point) you’ve suddenly lost motivation … your gas tank is on empty. Going to the gym is harder. Eating healthy is stressful. And eventually, you quit or you slack off on your exercise. You make more exceptions and excuses with your food. 

Sometimes the problem is the plan itself: maybe it’s a four-week ‘diet’ you ordered off the internet that wasn’t customized for your body or your ‘bored’ with eating the same types of foods. But the bigger issue here is you’re missing a basic concept that allows you to apply new information and strategies to your life. You usually look at why things changed and how you seemed to lose your edge. It’s not that motivation isn’t real. You’re treating the symptom, not the problem. Don’t wait to regain your mojo before you push ahead. It’s a dead end approach. Motivation, willpower and any other mental capacity is limited. So relying on motivation is not an effective success strategy, especially with your fitness and diet goals. If you really want to transform your body, the most important plan starts not with your body or meal plan, but instead an approach that will strengthen your mind.

My Top 6 ‘Reset Tips’ to help you get out of your funk and get your fitness mojo back: 

1. Call yourself on your own bullshit. Stop Making EXCUSES and start making a PLAN to CRUSH.

2. Practice intention and commitment—two acts that turn a goal into a concrete process.

3. Get your Training Program & Meal Plan set with specific small achievable goals. For example During the next week, I will partake in at least 20 minutes of vigorous exercise on [DAY] at [TIME OF DAY] at/in [PLACE]. When you make your goal simple, clear, and easy to follow, you reinforce behaviors that make success a more likely option.

4. Lock a schedule for workouts and shopping/food prep. If you don’t have a fitness/health coach invest in one—it will be the best investment you’ve ever made.

5. Get full Blood Work done including a hormone profile. If your hormones aren’t functioning properly you won’t see optimal results. Check out @letsgetchecked for home blood kits available worldwide and save 15% with my code RYALL15 on all kits. 

6. AA – Take Action & Stay Accountable! 

You won’t be worrying about lost motivation soon! Training your brain for success will build a mindset that will guide you to the body you want. 

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