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Healthy Holiday Guide & Recipe Book

$39.95 USD

Get 4 of my best guides and e-books in one bundle this holiday season!


-Healthy Holiday Guide & Recipe Book
-6 Week Home Fitness Program
-How to eat digital Program
-How to eat meal plan downloadable PDF

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Stay on track with your goals and navigate the holidays with class and confidence – this is the ultimate guide to thriving this holiday season!
This guide includes:
  • 20 of my nutritious and delicious holiday recipes including my favorite guilt-free holiday treats, low calorie, healthy cocktails, my 100 calorie peppermint mocha and my Christmas dinner.
  • 3 fat-burning workouts with exercise video library. These workouts have been designed to be short, effective and fun! No gym or equipment required. Perfect for home, beach or travel. Can be modified for all fitness levels. Great to get your entire family moving!
  • + you’ll learn how to navigate holiday parties, how to eat more mindfully and intuitively, how to handle unwanted body and food comments, my top strategies to maintain your weight and fitness level throughout the busiest season of the year and you’ll get my top travel snacks. I take the stress out of the holidays and make it simple and fun!


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Ryall shares so much great content in this guide. This exceeded my expectations! I’m excited about cooking again and eating healthy as she’s made it simple and fun. I want to kick about 15 lbs and I’ve already lost some of that in the first week. I’m also doing her Home Fitness program and the two work very well together/ This is great plan for anyone wanting to get motivated and feel and look better!

Linda G

Wow! Ryall gives incredible value in this program for the price. I will use this guide as a reference for life! So much great information. I love how simple the meal plan is to follow and the recipes are awesome. Feeling lighter, more energized and healthier already!

Sarah J

The simplicity of the meals is refreshing and not nearly as daunting as I thought it would be. Giving up the convenience of unwrapping a protein bar or mixing protein over cereal was my biggest challenge. With her tips to establish the right prep routine, having my partner also following both of Ryall’s programs and buying in bulk it have now become healthy habits. If you’re looking to get results and make a lifestyle change this plan is a great place to get stared!

Tyler D