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A little bit about me .

Hi, I’m Ryall Graber! I’m a human sparkler and live a life full of sunshine. I have a reputation for being a firecracker who inspires confident action and helps my clients live healthier lives. I’m a Fit Life Specialist, health nut and love to motivate people to move!

I’m an Entrepreneur, Professional Health Coach, IFBB Professional Fitness Athlete, 8 X Fitness Champion, Certified Sports Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, Influencer, Published Author and Fitness Model. My business, RyFit International, and my home base are both in sunny Cancun, Mexico.

I hold the 2019 Ms. Fitness International Title and am an ambassador for Arnold WorldWide; I have traveled the world competing at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Fitness Competitions. I’m the creator of RyALLFITNESS Getaway; an exclusive destination fitness retreat that offers an experience to redefine your boundaries, unlock your potential and activate your best life.

My passion for fitness and nutrition and my own experience as a professional athlete set me apart from other coaches. This isn’t a job—I eat, sleep, breathe and LIVE it. Over the past decade I’ve developed a unique way of blending my education, my experiences and my passion to create a tailored approach to my clients needs. I get results. I have coached thousands of people from around the world and my coaching philosophy is one centered around wellness and balance; creating sustainable healthy habits through teaching, not simply instructing, while taking an individualized approach to each client. My favorite clients to work with the ones that have a general foundation of nutrition and fitness but haven’t seen the results they want from all of their hard work. They require the specialized tools, the support and accountability to break them through plateaus. My signature process includes creating custom-designed effective meal plans, training programs and teaching the principles of living a healthy lifestyle on an individual basis to help people crush their fitness goals and live life unleashed. I am insanely committed to empowering others to achieve their goals, activate and own their greatness and live their best life.




Fun facts about me

  • I’m on a mission to empower ONE BILLION people to live healthier lives. 
  • I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with my hair and nails. I always like a fresh manicure and pedicure. 
  • I have a small diamond in my right eye tooth. It adds to my human sparkle factor. 
  • I don’t do snow or cold weather, hence leaving Canada in 2006 and moving to the tropics. Design a LIFE YOU LOVE! 
  • I consider myself a Renaissance Human: I don’t box myself into one thing and I’m always learning and growing! I love to listen to music, take photos and videos, meet new people, learn anything new related to fitness or nutrition, create new delicious and nutritious recipes, go to the beach, spend time with those I love, travel the globe (on my 4th passport and 66th country!), and get myself into crazy adventures that movies should be made about! 
  • Guilty Pleasures: Warm cookies & ice cream, Burgers, Oreos, Nut Butters, Sneakers, Self-improvement books and Amazing Spas!

What the #RyFitSquad is saying

Ryall has changed my life. From learning all I know about the sport of FItness to supporting me far beyond fitness, she has helped me more than anyone. Ryall cares A LOT and I couldn't be more thankful for all she's done for me. Best coach and mentor ever.

Haley Gross, Canada

I’ve worked with Ryall twice as I had two different performance goals. Being a pro athlete at the top of her sport, Ryall's guidance from both a physical and mental standpoint was amazing and was the difference for me. I achieved my goals and even my ball hockey team even brought home the Gold medal for the Cayman Islands!

Mike McDonald, Cayman Islands

I first experienced working with Ryall at one of her Fitness Getaway events. After this empowering and motivational experience I decided to sign up to work with her online. Ryall is a great coach that completely personalized my program so that I could achieve my goals. I work full time and have two children and she was able to create a sustainable approach to my training and nutrition. The true value in her coaching lies in all the knowledge I acquired working with her. I have been able to maintain my results because I know how to eat and exercise and didn’t just follow a cookie-cutter diet and training plan. Working with Ryall was super inspiring!

Jodi McDonald, Cayman Island

I first attended one of Ryall’s Fitness Getaways in Cancun and that was it - I was so inspired, so physically and mentally pushed and empowered that I signed up for her online coaching. I’ve never felt better, performed better or looked better! I no longer have anxiety around my food or workouts. Ryall is my mentor - she is an amazing woman and I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with her.

Ariadna de la Parra, Mexico

I’ve spent years trying to lose weight while suffering from a thyroid problem and Ryall’s carefully crafted nutritional plan and personalized guidance has helped me see results in just 4 weeks! I have more energy, I’m getting stronger and I feel confident that Ryall is equipping me with the knowledge to make the right choices for a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Louisa Roche, BARBADOS

Working with Ryall has been the BEST fitness experience I’ve had. She cares for my health first and this has resulted in sustainable progress that I can make my lifestyle. Ryall completely changed my mindset on what I know I can do. The results I’ve seen working with Ryall are sustainable and I know I can reach any fitness goal. It’s been a privilege working with Ryall.

Adriene Webster, USA

With hundreds, if not thousands of online coaches out there, I knew I needed to work with someone I trusted 110% to help me achieve the results I wanted. Ryall being Ms. Fitness International and 8 x Fitness Champ, with a physique many would kill for, I knew I was in the right hands. Hiring Ryall as my online coach is the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve never felt better mentally and physically and I’m ready to take on my mid forties with energy, focus and drive. Thank you Ryall!

Jennifer Chalouhi, Dubai

Ryall helped me achieve over 50 pounds of fat loss.She researched my prescriptions and suggested food and supplements as part of an anti-inflammatory regimen that has resulted in a virtually complete removal of over the counter painkillers from my arthritis. Even on the days when I was unable to tackle physical activity, the plan she provided for me still allowed my metabolism to burn fat rather than store it. Ryall was a constant source of support and inspiration, despite the fact that everything was done remotely via email and telephone. I am truly thankful for this new lease on my life.

Jeremy Willis, Canada

I contacted Ryall to help me get into shape for my upcoming nuptials and she delivered! She listens to what you really want to achieve and is with you every step of the way! She not only got me ready for my big day but taught me how to make smart food choices that I could maintain going forward. There is no better coach out there!

Candace Steele, Bermuda

Signing up with Ryall made me work harder and more consistently. The knowledge I gained in regards to nutrition has been worth it alone. I also experienced one of her intensives in Cancun. I do recommend Ryall to anyone wanting to take their body to the next level.

Geir Ove Enge, Norway

Ryall has been incredibly supportive, encouraging, motivating in so many ways. I can’t believe how much faith she has in me; she believes in me when I didn’t believe in myself. she encourages me daily. I have to admit sometimes when we speak, it brings me to tears. Ryall is one of the best in the Fitness Industry and I couldn’t of done this without her by my side.

Legna Ltrain, USA

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