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The Proven Path to Set up, Streamline and Scale an Online Wellness Business

to Consistent $10K Months and Beyond.

Launching May 16, 2023


Are you a fitness entrepreneur or health professional that wants to set up an online business but you don’t know how to set-up and launch your business successfully?
Or are you an experienced online coach and you’re ready to scale your business to consistent $10K + months without feeling overwhelmed?
Do you want to expand your business development skills and take your business to the next level?

If YES read on!

Hi! I’m Ryall,

I’m an International Fitness Champion and Wellness Entrepreneur.
Over the last two decades I’ve created a multi-six figure online business utilizing different business building and social media strategies – and in this course I’m going to share exactly how I did it with you.


Let me be your personal guide to setting up a successful online business through my ‘step-by-step’ method and end-to-end success system.
You’ll be skipping decades of learning as I cut through the noise and show you exactly how to follow my footsteps.


Who is this for?

• Existing online coaches that aren’t where they know their businesses could be (whether that’s 6-figure or multi-6 figure) this is designed to elevate you and bring more ease into your business.
• Starting our brand new? If you’re new and ambitious I’ll show you how to set up your online wellness business the right way so you skip costly mistakes the first time around.
• Experienced fitness professionals that want to start online coaching
• Any health professional wanting to take their business online (Doctors, Psychologists, Physiotherapists are a few of the professionals outside of the fitness space that my course has helped)
• Women and Men

Hear it from them!

See what previous Fitness Business School Grads are saying:

Jennifer Chalouhi – Jump Fit Dubai Founder
Tiffany Dawson – Body Recomposition and Transformation Coach
Leah Christiana – Cirque de Soleil Artist, Pro Athlete and Auto-immune Health Coach
Nicole Duncan – Self Love and Transformation Coach
Sarah Davis – Women’s Health Coach
Angie Aldridge – Transformation and Pregnancy Health Coach
Tiffany Chandler – Professional Athlete, Competition Preparation and Performance Coach
Lisa Hayes Cox – 50+ Women’s Health Coach

What’s included:

In this phase you’ll learn how to build your brand.
“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room” – Jeff Bezos
Your brand is infused into what you call your business, your services, what your logo will look like, what colors you chose, the mantra you identify with and the FEELING your brand portrays.
Your brand is how other people experience what you believe and it’s the soul within your company.
You’ll lean how to leverage your uniqueness and stand out in the market and how to nail your brand through  developing a focused vision based around why you do what you do.
In this module you’ll gain access to my Rolodex of 250+ resources, marketing materials, done-for-you templates and contacts that I’ve built over 15 years – this is invaluable!
In order to inspire someone to sign up with you or purchase from you – you need to understand your clients.
People need to feel this and you must understand your clients and what their needs are so you can connect emotionally with them and show that you care for them.
Without knowing your ideal client avatar it’s likely you won’t sell anything. I believe this is the #1 reason why most coaches are failing in business.
‘If you’re taking to everybody, then you’re talking to nobody’
In this module you’ll learn what an ideal client avatar is and why you need it, you’ll learn why understanding your clients fears & desires is essential for running a profitable business and how to create your perfect client avatar.
You’ll learn how to stop thinking like YOU and start thinking like your ideal client!
In this module you’ll learn how to set-up, structure and stream-line so you can successfully scale your business in the near future.
You will learn how to create and clearly outline your online services, the current available coaching software and online platforms, you’ll receive my step-by-step strategy (sales) call layout, you’ll learn streamlining strategies to simply and amplify your business.
This module delvers all the resources you need to create or streamline your business.
This is the nuts & bolts of your business!
You’ll gain clarity on what your business assets are and how you can leverage them,
how to save time when writing programs for your clients,
you’ll learn what style of content best suits your business and learn how to create valuable content that converts into sales,
you’ll receive my 6-step client attraction system,
you’ll discover why building your email list is the most important asset for your business and how to create a winning plan to stay connected to your audience.
Marketing and sales are the back bone of any sustainable business.
This is your main way to create positive change in the world.
This is how to make business art and a way for you to learn, grow and connect with your audience.
Marketing is applied human psychology.
Understanding psychology not only makes you more effective in business, it makes you more effective in life.
In this Module, you’ll master timeless principles and strategies of modern marketing: how to influence and inspire sales with integrity and transparency.
Once you understand the real psychology of sales, it doesn’t matter how technology or platforms change — you’ll thrive.
You’ll learn what marketing is, how to turn your words into money, discover the five disciplines of modern marketing, research-driven pricing strategies to add to your marketing toolbox, how to leverage urgency, how low ticket offers can increase your revenue, you’ll receive my 7-step checklist on how to convert high ticket sales, you’ll learn how to write head-turning headlines, blog post titles, video titles and social media updates.
Once you’ve activated on this module you’ll be able to leverage timeless, proven marketing principles across any digital platform.
Most importantly, you’ll be proud of your marketing and the impact it has on others.
There’s a big difference between being an expert and being a recognized expert.
In this module you’ll build massive credibility using my signature publicity framework, where you’ll learn the super successful step-by-step approach to get noticed, skyrocket your reputation by becoming a recognized expert, and attract new clients by becoming your own publicist.
In this module you’ll learn how to create multiple revenue streams to make more of an impact, generate more revenue and stop trading time for money.
You’ll learn the difference between being a recognized expert and an expert, how to pitch to media outlets, how to establish social proof, how to leverage your media opportunities and how to establish yourself as a recognized expert in your industry.

Here’s what students are saying already:

You’ll also get:

• Workbook with each module to keep you organized and focused.
• Exercises with each module to turn your insights into action.
• You’ll get my personal rolodex of 250+ resources, marketing materials, done-for-you templates and my contacts.
• Lifetime Access to the entire course.
• Weekly group coaching calls.
• The opportunity for continued guidance and accountability directly with myself and other graduates in my Evolve Alumni community.

Here’s one critical thing I’ve learned over two decades in this space:

There’s one thing all successful entrepreneurs – whether they’re newbie Side Hustlers or billionaire CEOs – can’t live without:

High quality information from experts who’ve seen the success they want to replicate.

This system is available for you now!

My students get the best results and think of how you’ll feel when you get the same results.
Join me on this journey to setting up a successful online business and stepping into the life you want to lead.
I’ll see you on the inside and I can’t wait to help you build the business of your dreams.


Answers to common questions:

How much time do I need to invest in this course?

You’ll need 1.5-3 hours for each module and 1.5-2 hours for our weekly group coaching calls. 3-5 hours week for 6 weeks.

How are the modules delivered?

In video format with subtitles.

Can I go back and watch the modules again?

Yes you’ll have access for life!

How can I continue to grow as a coach and Entrepreneur once this course is over?

As a course graduate you’ll have the opportunity to be mentored directly with me and have continued guidance in my Alumni Community. Live weekly classes, challenges and the most current online wellness business information are shared in the community. You’ll also have access to network of other coaches, just like you, to share ideas, learn, grow and celebrate wins with. This is an opportunity of a lifetime for ongoing mentorship! #priceless


$999USD Deposit + 4 monthly payments of $325USD / Month

*Limited to 10 coaches

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