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Tulum (Coming Soon)

Introducing my Tulum Event (Coming Soon)

Recharge your batteries with like minded souls, reboot and nourish your body and realign with your inner-self in Tulum, Mexico. Tulum is one of the most charming destinations in the world for many reasons. What stands out the most: It boasts one of the Top 5 beaches in the world, it’s special and unique new age vibe, it’s dramatically situated Mayan ruin, it’s hip yoga and fitness spots and is jungle-shrouded healthy chic restaurants.

What is RyALLFITNESSgetaway?

It’s The Ultimate Fitness Experience. And the ultimate opportunity to change your life!

A four-day experience with Ryall and her team full of powerful trainings to redefine your boundaries, unlock your potential and activate your best life.

We will re-boot your body in paradise and empower you with the knowledge to help you achieve your health and fitness goals when you return home.

OUR PROMISE: Before you arrive back home you will have already experienced a new breakthrough result with your mindset, fitness goals and your nutritional foundation.

Wherever you’re at on your fitness journey you’re guaranteed to leave this intensive feeling motivated, inspired, reset and re-focused; fully equipped with all the tools you need to crush your goals and level up in all aspects of your life.

*This event is for ALL FITNESS LEVELS. Male, female and couples are welcome.

Luxury meets the Jungle with TATA Tulum

Your home away from home…. TATA Tulum is an exclusive and luxurious adults-only boutique beachfront hotel in the heart of mystical Tulum, Mexico. 

TATA (Tahtli) means father in the Nahuatl dialect. Father, in this context, traditionally represents the sun. Therefore, TATA is the Sun of Tulum. 

TATA Tulum features 21 rooms and relaxation begins at check-in when the friendly staff greets you with a refreshing cool towel and a “Dragon,” a spicy mezcal-based cocktail, as your bags magically find their way to your room. The new rooms have an earthy modern quality, with polished concrete, cut stonework, wicker, exotic woods, jute curtains, and subdued lighting. Unusually for Tulum, these rooms have 24-hour air-conditioning – so you don’t have to worry about melting! Even though the place has a very open feel, behind the scenes TATA has a watchful eye on security.

TATA offers an amazing beachfront setting and food but also a truly unique energy that allows a great place to learn and bond with our group over the course of your stay.

In the mornings it’s a pleasant few steps to a delicious and healthy breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant, which sits directly on the beach. The combined effect is just the right mix of subtle luxury and the low-key, natural feel Tulum is known for; a perfect place for you to call home during your stay.

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Your Fitness Classes and Daily Activities:

Days include fitness and instructional classes led by Professional Athlete, Fitness Champion and Performance Trainer Ryall Graber. You will be training at the famous beach gym, Tulum Jungle Gym. You will participate in powerful daily pep talks, nutrition and supplement education, mindset, personal development and goal-getting strategy sessions with Ryall. Each guest will also have a private 1×1 coaching session with Ryall.

You will experience the BEST OF THE BEST must-do activities in Tulum with yoga in Azulik’s dome (www.azulik.com), a bike ride to the Tulum Ruins, a 5 star Mayan Spa visit with a Temazcal experience; a Mayan medicinal tradition in this Zumpulche ceremony with a steam bath with four phases or doors that represent the four elements in a symbolic and powerful rebirth experience, explore the village of Tulum (including taking time for shopping and some Instagram-worthy photo ops) as well as a daily gourmet custom-designed culinary experience. There will also be plenty of scheduled down time to bask in the sun or discover more of pristine Tulum.

Your Gourmet Healthy Meals

Guests will be pampered with mouth-watering, fresh, holistic, healthy meals that pay homage to local flavor and ancient traditions. Your daily nutrition is paramount as this goes hand in hand with your workouts to ensure that you’re nourished to thrive and feel your best. All meals are custom designed by Ryall and the chef at TATA and are created with sustained farmed ingredients, organic, fresh ingredients that loaded with health benefits. You will also experience post workout protein smoothie bowls from Raw Love (www.instagram.com/rawlove) and two custom-designed dinners at 5 star restaurants, The Real Coconut (www.therealcoconut.com) and Rosa Negra Tulum (https://rosanegra.com.mx/en).

Ryall will educate on Nutrition Principles during meals teaching each guest HOW to eat how for their goals. You’ll receive feedback from her on a daily basis so you can apply this knowledge to achieve results. Our guests experience a market workshop at a local grocery store in Tulum where you’ll learn to ‘Shop Like a Pro’ with Ryall. The getaway will provide an improved understanding of Nutrition principles.

RyallFitness Getaway Tulum includes the following:

  • Your Luxury Boutique Beachfront Accommodation for 4 nights at TATA Tulum
  • All transportation including airport transfers (Tulum is a 1.5 hour drive from the closest airport; Cancun airport)
  • Healthy Breakfasts, Snacks, lunches, and dinners *custom designed by Ryall
  • Filtered water, coffee, tea and non-alcoholic beverages
  • 4 days of Daily Workouts with Ryall & her team to include:

Gym Sessions at Tulum Jungle Gym
Beach Workout
Sunrise Yoga in The Dome at Azulik  

  • Two Hour Mayan Spa Experience 
  • Bike tour to the Tulum Mayan Ruins
  • Nutrition Workshop
  • Supplement education
  • Market tour and ‘shop-like-a-pro’ experience 
  • Daily Pep Talks and Group Performance Strategy Sessions with Ryall
  • Private 1×1 Coaching Session with Ryall
  • Welcome bags with Fit Gifts from our sponsors including a supplement kit from BPI Sports
  • Follow up call with Ryall one month after your Getaway 
  • Round-trip transportation to all scheduled excursions during the retreat
  • Complimentary WiFi at TATA
  • Taxes
  • Motivation to the max
  • Fun in the Mexican sun!